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Laid off, the aftermath

Laid off, the aftermath


Being laid off by your employer might be one of the most painful processes a contemporary human being can experience. The context, whether socioeconomic or attributed to a sudden drop of performance, may affect different coping mechanisms. The present article will discuss how to properly train yourself ourselves with the help sets of different tools and mindsets against this series of events which are unexpected in most cases.


1. Discover the reasons behind

Several means can be put forward to discover the real reasons for your dismissal. Your supervisor should usually be in the best position to answer this concern. This type of question can be asked at the very moment or with a retrospective email, in both cases pay attention to the tone used to value your reputation; remember that your ex employer will certainly have to provide job references to your future employer. At this stage of the process you might already start asking yourself what you preferred the most (or the least!) about this position or job profession. But above all, in essence, take a deep breath and relax.


2. Tighten your belt

A loss of employment undeniably leads to a loss of income that can lead to financial uncertainty for an indefinite period. It is therefore time to create an emergency budget solely for survival purposes to meet your needs in such situation. Although it may be tempting to go on vacation and call it a day, calculate the payback of such an expense in your current budget since no one ever knows what the future holds for us.

3. Be disciplined

Without a fixed schedule, the temptation to either stay in bed lie in or go to sleep later than usual will be strong for some individuals. Be aware that by doing so, you may lose your standards and create a new routine that, while entertaining at first, can be become destructive in the mid to long term. Maximize your days! Remember Looking for a job is a full time job!


4. Consult with recruiters (or talent hunters!)

Doing business with a recruiter can greatly promote your chances of re-entering the job market. The great ones can guide you in terms of career path while acting as a professional coach, moreover, it’s free … You have absolutely nothing to lose!


5. Build your network!

In the course of your career you have certainly developed relations with former colleagues, managers, etc. If you are part of a professional Order, make sure that you use all the tools available to help you expand your professional network. Job centers, cocktail dinners, 5 @ 7 packages are all great ways to meet professionals who can help you propel your career back.

In every case when applying for a new position ask yourself; “who do I know that works for this company or who do I know that knows someone that works there?” The purpose is to put your resume on top of the pile with a reference.


6. Continuing education

Continuing education will help you develop skills that you might have forsaken over time. By working on your weaknesses, you are investing in your chances of reintegrating into the workplace. This is a great opportunity to learn how to read and write all over again. Plus, this will allow you to learn to enjoy your profession again while hitting two bricks with one stone making a two-stroke stone by expanding your professional network!

A layoff is not an easy step to digest, however, if you know how to properly play your cards right, it can allow you to move forward from a personal and professional point of view. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a recruiter or from your friends/ ex-colleagues and get the word out!


Kamil Eladas, CRHA/ CHRP