Make a difference 1 hour at a time


DELAN is launching a donation program that aims to continue its mission of giving back to the community. DELAN is committed to donating $1 of its income for each hour worked by each of its consultants to one of the 4 charities partnered with DELAN. This initiative will allow DELAN and everyone to be able to share and give back to our society.

The pursuit of profit is not the only goal of a company, it is a combination of economic growth and social commitment

- Jean-François Charpentier, President

DELAN wants to leave a social footprint

Therefore DELAN has decided to make a difference in its own way. How :

  • DELAN will donate $1 of its income per hour worked for each of its consultants
  • Consultants’ fees will not be affected
  • The consultants will have the opportunity to choose to whom their 1$ per hour worked will be given amongst the 4 charities chosen by DELAN : Breakfast Club of Canada, Leucan, Centraide, and 60 Millions Girls
  • Consultants will also be able to donate $$ to charities on a voluntary basis
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A gesture that matters!


DELAN wants to be a company with values of altruism and generosity and has decided to make A difference 1 hour at a time. It is through this difference that DELAN distinguishes itself as a collaborator of choice by donating its money, its time, and its reputation to charities that best corresponds to its values.


In a field that is constantly evolving, you must learn to think differently, to be agile and to invent new ways of doing things. When your company decides to entrust a contractual mandate to DELAN, know that DELAN gives back, and it is this innovation that makes DELAN a privileged partner.


*Donations are only applicable for contract positions

Charities that we support

Breakfast Club of Canada helps children access a nutritious breakfast and reach their full potential. Recognized by Aliments du Québec for its promotion of local food products, the Club helps reach more than 580,000 children in school nutrition programs across the country.

For 40 years, Leucan has been committed to helping cancer-stricken children and their families. In addition to its support to clinical research, Leucan promotes the recovery and the well-being by providing distinctive and tailored services and assistance through every stage of cancer and its side-effects.

Centraide’s goal is to break the cycle of poverty and social exclusion to make our community a better place that benefits everyone. Centraide helps 800 000 people in Greater Montreal and supports nearly 350 agencies and projects.

60 million girls is a Montreal-based public foundation dedicated to girls’ education in developing countries. The Foundation promotes educational technologies giving children, and their communities, access to better learning materials and resources.

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Questions about our program?

A DELAN consultant is a person who provides IT services as part of an IT project for one of our clients for a fixed period.


For every hour that you work for a DELAN client, DELAN will donate $1 of ITS income to the charity you have chosen from the choice of 4 organizations associated with DELAN.


This will in no way impact your fee as DELAN donates $1 per hour worked of ITS income to give back to the community.


No. DELAN has chosen 4 charities that correspond to its values and is therefore associated with them.


It is possible to choose more than one charity amongst the DELAN partners, however it is easier for the organization when the selection is unique.


Yes, it is possible to give on a personal basis.


Just click on the charity link above.


If you donate your money, you will automatically have a tax receipt from the charity in question.


Since the donation campaign lasts one year, and starts in November 2022, DELAN will give the money to each of the charities in early November.


Yes, at the end of each contract through DELAN, we will send you a written communication indicating the amount of your participation.