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In the ever-evolving field of technology, technical skills are crucial, but employers also seek non-technical traits that make all the difference. These interpersonal skills, commonly known as soft skills, are relational qualities that complement technical skills and enable technology professionals to adapt to industry challenges, collaborate more effectively with peers, and contribute significantly to the success of their company’s IT projects.



Here are, according to DELAN, the top 10 soft skills currently in demand in IT by our employer clients in Quebec:



Clear Communication 🗣️


The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is invaluable in the technology field. Being able to simplify complex concepts for a non-technical audience, present ideas persuasively, and provide constructive feedback to colleagues are major assets.



Visionary Leadership 💪


Leadership goes beyond team management. It’s the ability to inspire, motivate, and guide others toward a common goal, even in a highly technical environment.



Consistency and Reliability 👌


Employers value consistency and reliability in their employees. Being able to maintain a high level of performance and results in all situations is a highly prized quality.



Emotional Intelligence 🧠


Understanding and managing one’s own emotions, as well as those of others, is essential for navigating successfully in a dynamic and sometimes stressful work environment, such as that of information technology.



Adaptability 🤗


In the IT sector, where requirements evolve rapidly, adaptability is a very valuable skill. Being able to tackle new challenges and adjust to changes is a definite advantage.



Team Spirit Combined with Autonomy 🤝


A good balance between teamwork and autonomy is highly sought after. Being able to collaborate effectively while also being capable of working independently is a winning combination.



Proactivity and Initiative 🚀


Taking initiative and being proactive in problem-solving or during slower times are qualities highly appreciated by IT employers. Being able to make decisions and act preemptively is a sign of professional maturity and openness to continuous improvement.



Curiosity 🧐


Curiosity is essential in a constantly evolving field like information technology. Being constantly on the lookout for new trends and technologies can make a difference.



Problem-Solving 🛠️


In the technology field, professionals must excel in problem-solving. By adopting an analytical approach and proposing innovative solutions, they effectively overcome unforeseen challenges.



Time Management ⏰


In the dynamic context of IT, time management is essential. Technology experts who establish clear priorities, proactively plan their work, and stay organized through time management tools are highly valued.



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In conclusion, soft skills are just as important as technical skills in the IT sector. By developing these skills, you will enhance your attractiveness to technology employers in Quebec and be better prepared to succeed in your IT career.



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