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The Most In-Demand Technical Skills in Information Technology

The Most In-Demand Technical Skills in Information Technology


The information technology (IT) sector is constantly evolving, and the required technical skills vary depending on the nature of the position and the industry. However, in recent years, certain skills have been increasingly sought after and allow professionals who master them to distinguish themselves on the job market.


Here are the most in-demand technical skills according to DELAN :


Computer programming

With the digital transformation that affects nowadays all companies, from startups to multinationals, including SMEs, professionals who master computer languages are increasingly in demand.

The most popular programming languages include Java, Python, SQL, JavaScript, C++ and C#.

Data science

In recent years, and with the phenomenon of big data which has upset the ways of doing business, data collection, analysis, and interpretation are important skills in the IT field.

Some of the most used data science tools include SAS, Tableau, MATLAB, and Apache Spark.


IT security has become a major concern for all businesses. The number of cybersecurity jobs in Canada continues to grow each year (Government of Canada). Businesses increasingly rely on professionals to protect against cyberattacks.

Professionals with IT security skills such as risk analysis and management, security architecture, and cryptography are in high demand.

Cloud computing

More and more companies are adopting cloud computing to store and manage their data.

The most popular cloud computing technologies are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are in high demand.

Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are technologies that are booming. Companies are increasingly interested in this area.

The most used machine learning tools are Scikit-Learn, PyTorch and TensorFlow.

Mobile development 

Mobile applications have become a key element for several companies from different sectors. There are two popular mobile application development platforms : Android and iOS.

The best-known languages in mobile development are Java, Kotlin, Swift, and React Native.


To conclude, in addition to technical skills, employers in the field of information technology (IT) are often looking for professionals with soft skills. Among the behavioral skills most sought after in IT specialists are problem-solving, teamwork, communication, adaptability, and learning desire.


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