Candidate services

Work with our recruiters specialized in IT to find your dream job.

Delan’s mission is to help you achieve your professional goals. We believe that your dream IT job is out there, and we want to help you find it! By partnering with us, you double your chances of success, and you benefit from the support of our HR experts.

Our formula for success is simple. We take the time to carefully listen to you andfully understand your aspirations. Then we make honest suggestions to match you with a job that meets your expectations.

From the moment you begin your search for an IT position with Delan, our well-honed process kicks in. We are there for you at every stage to support you throughout the job search process.

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Understand your motivation

Before we open a file for you and begin thejob search, we start with anintroductory telephone meeting during which we set up an appointment with one of our recruiters. The recruiter will take the opportunity to determine which field is of interest to you so they can help you with your search.

When you’re ready, we set up interviews with potential employers. After your interviews, we review each meeting’s pros and cons. We’ll help you tweak any weaknesses until you find your dream job.

Develop your potential

Once we’re sure we understand your professional goals, your motivations and your potential, the search begins. We sort through the different jobs available and check our network to find ajob that best suits you.

Find your new job

Next, we examine your professional documentation with an eye to making it as perfect as possible. Then, we review your interview techniques to detect any weaknesses and help you correct them. If we consider that there’s room for improvement, we’ll offer you all the advice you need.