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4 tips for job seekers

4 tips for job seekers

Finding job can be difficult for many of you, even though, hundreds of job offers are published daily on job boards and professional networks. You may want to maximize your chances by applying to many positions at once, or on the contrary lose hope and or be overwhelmed…

However, you can maximize your chances of getting a job by following these 4 tips:


1- Read job descriptions

I often have candidates who do not remember the job description for which they have applied. It is not surprising that after twenty applications, you will not be able to remember each description. This must sound the alarm! The goal is not to apply to a maximum of open positions, but to promote the “good match” between your profile and the position in question. You will succeed by scrupulously reading each task description.


2- Customize your CV

Have you ever said to yourself: “If at least I could meet them, I would be able to convince them of my skills! “? It is sometimes important to understand the company’s reality. Companies might receive a large number of applications. Your CV is your passport to get in the door and get an interview for the position you seek. It is therefore what is “IN” your CV that will make you the ideal candidate. Each position is unique, therefore the same CV for every position does not make sense. You need to take the time to personalize your resume to reflect what experience you possess that matches the qualifications of the position you are applying for. Put forward the technologies that you master and that are required, by giving concrete examples. Feel free to add redirection links to your blog, your portfolio, or to list the latest projects.


3- Do business with specialized people

Do not hesitate to get closer to talent hunters or recruiters specialized in your sector of activity. This is a guarantee that your profile will be well understood, and that the subtleties of your career or your personality will be exploited. Recruiters often hold relevant information that does not necessarily appear in the job description (benefits, company values, upcoming projects, team composition, etc.).


4- Operate your network

if you are recommended by your professional network, your application will be greatly advantaged compared to someone who applies in a more traditional way. Establish LinkedIn contacts, attend events, solicit your friends and acquaintances, work your network. All these points can help you get in touch with a manager responsible for the job you want. But beware! Having a professional network is not everything; it is necessary to maintain it continuously and with dedication. The link building, the support you give to others, and the interest you demonstrate will help you cultivate an effective professional network!


Good job search ?


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Adila Merad

IT Recruiter @ DELAN