DELAN, rising star of the Palmarès des entreprises québécoises au féminin 2024

DELAN, rising star of the Palmarès des entreprises québécoises au féminin 2024


DELAN is proud to announce its nomination for a 3rd consecutive year among the 88 rising stars of the prestigious Palmarès des entreprises au féminin from Premières en Affaires, revealed in the winter 2024 magazine 🌟



📖 Premières en Affaires:


Launched in 2007, Premières en affaires is a reference in economic information for women in Quebec. The magazine provides an exceptional platform to highlight the successes and impact of women entrepreneurs.



🏆 Palmarès des Entreprises au Féminin: 


This Palmarès of Premières en Affaires is the 5th edition and is presented by the CDPQ. This year, it highlights more than 230 companies in Quebec.


The objective of this editorial file is to inspire the next generation and help shape the future of economic growth in Quebec. It is published in collaboration with the Scotiabank Women’s Initiative, Sun Life, the Quebec CPA Order, the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University and BDC, with the support of EY and the participation of Réseau des Femmes d’affaires du Québec. The data presented is compiled by Léger.


On January 26, 2024, DELAN had the honor of participating in the launch evening, in the presence of the entrepreneurs from the Palmarès and all the partners. Hosted by Isabelle Craig, this evening was marked by inspiring exchanges, symbolizing unity within the community of Quebec business women.



👩‍💼 DELAN: a feminine company:


DELAN is a women-owned enterprise, certified by WBE Canada and WEConnect International, and is one of the rising stars of the Palmarès des entreprises québécoises au féminin from Premières en Affaires.


With a team made compsed of 50% women and two female partners, Anne-Marie Deslauriers and Stéphany Desmarais, we embody our commitment to diversity and inclusion.


As an IT recruitment firm, DELAN strongly encourages its clients to recruit more women, promote pay equity and eliminate pay disparities between men and women.


Thanks to our WBE Canada and WEConnect International certifications, Anne-Marie Deslauriers, founder of DELAN, had the privilege of hosting panels and webinars, thus supporting other business women in their professional development. She also participated in several WPO (Women Presidents Organization) and Réseau des Femmes d’affaires du Québec (RFAQ) activities. In addition, Anne-Marie is actively involved in encouraging women to excel in the field of technology, by hosting conferences at the École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS) and mentoring female college students in the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM) program « monte dans les STIM »


Finally, one of the organizations we support, as part of our philanthropic program, is “60 Million Girls”, a foundation that supports girls’ education in developing countries. Our partnership with this organization allows us to support their cause and make a significant contribution to the economic and social development of girls in these communities.



🚀 Who is DELAN? :


A family firm, specialized in recruiting the technology sector in the greater Montreal area and throughout Quebec for more than 25 years, DELAN is pursuing ambitious strategic growth. Our vision is to be THE reference in IT recruitment, by being THE IT relationship builders in Quebec!


DELAN also stands out for its success in hybrid entrepreneurship. The consolidation of a strong succession, exemplified by the partnership of Jean-François Charpentier since 2016 and Stéphany Desmarais since 2020, with founder Anne-Marie Deslauriers, attests to the exceptional sustainability of our company.



🙏🏼 Make a difference 1 HOUR AT A TIME with DELAN:


DELAN has set up its philanthropic program “1 DON, 1 HEURE À LA FOIS” . As part of this program, DELAN undertakes to donate $1 of its income for each hour worked by each of its IT consultants to one of the company’s 4 partner charities.


« The pursuit of profit is not the only goal of a company, it is a combination of economic growth and social commitment » Jean-François Charpentier, President de DELAN



To find out more about our values, see our recent article “People at the heart of the company”.



To discuss your IT recruitment needs and to find out more about DELAN, contact our team now 😉


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