About us




At DELAN, we believe in the importance of placing people at the center of everything we do and are convinced that the real key to success is the individuals who make up our company.


Our mission as IT talent hunters goes far beyond simple recruitment: we are relationship builders, forging strong, trust-based connections with our clients, candidates, employees, and IT consultants.



The Power of Human Values


The DELAN team is driven by values deeply embedded in our DNA: passion, perseverance, authenticity, and teamwork. These values are not just words on paper; they define our corporate culture and guide each of our daily actions. Why? Because we firmly believe that it is the key to creating a work environment where happiness and success come together.


🔥 Passion drives our actions. It compels us to continuously seek the best solutions for our clients and candidates. Each project becomes an exciting quest for excellence.

💪🏼 Perseverance is our driving force. In the ever-evolving world of technology, determination is required to overcome challenges. At DELAN, we never give up.

👌🏼 Authenticity is at the heart of our relationships. We are authentic ourselves, whether it’s with our clients, our candidates, or among colleagues. It’s this authenticity that builds strong bonds

🤟🏼 Team spirit is our strength. We believe in collaboration and mutual support to achieve common goals. Together, we are stronger, and we have even more fun working together.



Relationship Builder


At DELAN, our role is not limited to recruiting candidates for companies, we believe it is important to build lasting relationships. We base all our relationships on mutual trust, honesty, and transparency, which allows us to create a solid bond between us and with our clients, our candidates as well as our IT consultants.



DELAN and Corporate Culture


Our commitment to people goes beyond our fundamental values. We have built a company culture where each member of our team feels valued and fulfilled.

At DELAN, we pride ourselves on promoting diversity and inclusion. With a diverse team made up of 50% women and two female partners at its head, DELAN is a majority female-owned company, certified by WBE Canada and WEConnect.



Team Dynamics


Our success is based on our team spirit. We are convinced that it is by working together that we realize our full potential. At DELAN, each member of our team contributes to our success.

To strengthen this team spirit, we set up regular activities, Lunch & Learns, office happy hours and teambuilding events.

We also promote the continued development of our employees by providing relevant training and professional growth opportunities. Recognition of individual achievements is at the heart of our culture.



Our Philanthropic Program, “1 DON, 1 HEURE À LA FOIS


DELAN is committed to giving back to society. We launched the donation program at DELAN’s contractual division called “1 DON, 1 HEURE À LA FOIS“. As part of this program, we are committed to donating $1 of our income for each hour worked by each of our IT consultants to one of DELAN’s four partner charities: Breakfast Club of Canada, Leucan, Centraide and 60 Million Girls. This contribution is made without touching the fees of our consultants, which allows DELAN and everyone to share and contribute to the improvement of our society!

Additionally, our team members actively participate in social events and volunteer activities. We supported initiatives such as The Media Food Drive and the events of DELAN’s 4 partner organizations.



At DELAN, people are at the heart of everything we do, and that’s what makes all the difference. Our values of passion, perseverance, authenticity and team spirit define our culture and guide our daily actions.


Do not hesitate to contact our team to find out more about us or to discuss your IT recruitment needs. Whether for your permanent or contractual positions, DELAN is there to support you and save you time.