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DELAN / Experience


This blog is the last in the series of five, centered around the 5E of DELAN ??

This is dedicated to the experience of our company ?


As we have seen, DELAN is a dreamteam! Because we are a tight-knit team, we have unparalleled expertise in IT recruitment, we are rooted and stubborn. Let’s also add one last important characteristic, at the heart of our essence : our experience!


Together, we have 75 years of experience. Anne-Marie Deslauriers, our founding president, cumulate 25 years of experience on her own. We put this experience entirely at the service of our candidates and employers. Our team keeps abreast of the latest trends. There is no question of sitting on our laurels. Experience itself is not enough. We still have to keep the taste for learning as well as this intellectual curiosity.


“This is what keeps us on the mark and sharp at all times”


In this profession, we have to keep up to date. From 1997 to today, the world of IT recruiting has changed dramatically and will continue to change over the next few years, notably with :


➡️ the power of networks (5G, etc.) and Cloud computing;

➡️ the importance of cybersecurity;

➡️ the advances in immersive 360 ​​virtual reality;

➡️ the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI);

➡️ the abundance of data (Data Engineering, Big Data);

➡️ and the Internet of Things (IoT);

➡️ etc.


When we started the DELAN adventure, we still used the fax machine and the glue pot. Our entire recruitment system was based on Excel files. Back in the day, IT employers demanded assembler-developers and RPG/400 programmers.


Today they are looking for developers on the web, in the Cloud and in automation. We are already on the lookout for and learning about the latest technologies. Falling behind? No way! Stay positive, work hard, make it happen : that’s our motto, at all times.


One thing is certain, at DELAN, regardless of the technological changes to come, people will always remain at the center of the work of our IT recruiters. A robot can never replace the heart, the emotion and the passion that we have for our profession! This is also the DELAN experience ?