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7 tips to boost your job application

7 tips to boost your job application


The quality of your application is an effective way to get your dream job. You must succeed in standing out from the crowd to get a recruiter’s attention with your application.

Here are some tips to increase your chances of distinguishing yourself from all the other candidates:


1.  Tailor your resume to each position you apply for

In job search, quality takes precedence over quantity. It is therefore not enough to send out mass resumes. Your CV must be adapted to the job you are aiming for. Before sending your application, read the job offer carefully and highlight your strengths that match the job.


 2.  Target positions that match your profile

Focus your efforts on positions that match your skills, technical expertise, and personality. Before applying, take the time to research the company that is hiring. It is important that the company’s organizational culture matches your values.


3.  Make use of professional networking sites

Professional networking sites are tools widely used by recruiters, particularly LinkedIn. Remember to take care of your image on professional networking sites, be active and keep your professional experience, your technical skills as well as your training activities up to date. You can also use these platforms to develop your professional network. Feel free to add professionals on LinkedIn who are in your industry or those who have similar technical skills.


4.  Highlight your soft skills

 Training and experience may not be enough to set yourself apart. Recruiters are increasingly interested in your soft skills. Among the top soft skills that employers are looking for: teamwork, communication, adaptability, and prioritizing skills.


5.  Try to improve yourself through training

Whether it is to improve your language skills, deepen your technical knowledge or acquire new ones, training can help you better meet the expectations of the job market. It can also support your motivation. However, take the time to choose the ones that will best suit your profile and your professional goals. Favor training that can give you certifications, this will be a great asset for your CV and your LinkedIn profile!


6.  Be confident and persevering 

Finding the right job can sometimes take a long time and it can become demotivating. It is therefore essential not to lose motivation and to maintain self-confidence. Stay positive, take the time to perfect your application and develop your skills. Do you need support? Our recruiters are there to coach and advise you throughout your job search process.


7.  Do business with a specialized recruitment firm

Not only will a recruitment firm allow you to have access to several hidden job offers and save time through targeted job offers and quality employers, but it will also allow you to value your application with specialized recruiters who will give you advice adapted to your profile and introduce you to the employers of choice.


If you are looking for an IT position, contact our team now for more advice and access to several opportunities available from our employer clients.


We look forward to meeting you and above all, good luck in your job change process!