Trends in IT Recruitment

IT Recruitment Trends: Discussion with Anne-Marie Deslauriers – Founder of DELAN

IT Recruitment Trends: Discussion with Anne-Marie Deslauriers – Founder of DELAN


Dive into the heart of IT recruitment developments in this exclusive discussion with Anne-Marie Deslauriers, the founder of DELAN. Through this article, discover her insights into current market trends, female leadership, business growth, and DELAN’s culture.



IT Recruitment in 2024


What trends are you currently observing in IT recruitment?


“Over the past few months, we have witnessed a notable transformation in the IT recruitment market in Quebec. While it used to be undoubtedly a candidate-driven market, we now see a diversification of profiles in the IT field. Although the demand remains strong, clients now have the option to choose from a more varied palette of technical and relational skills.”



How is DELAN adapting to the evolving IT recruitment market?


“Our strategic positioning involves supporting our clients. As IT experts, we offer our expertise to facilitate the perfect match between the company and the candidate. This approach allows our clients to select from the most qualified candidates, thereby reducing recruitment time and ensuring an optimal fit.”


Female Leadership


As a businesswoman, what are your perspectives on female leadership, especially in IT?


“The evolution of women’s roles in business, especially in the IT field, is something I consider with pride. Fifty years ago, Female entrepreneur presence was almost nonexistent, but today we are witnessing a growing emergence. Female entrepreneurs now hold an increasingly important place, and I am convinced that gender balance is essential to foster innovation, in line with intergenerational and cultural diversity.”



How do you encourage diversity, especially female leadership, within DELAN and among other employers?


“At DELAN, we firmly believe that diversity, especially female leadership, is essential to stimulate innovation and ensure sustainable growth. We actively commit to promoting diversity within our team and positively influencing our clients in this regard.”


“To promote female leadership, we implement internal initiatives such as mentoring and professional development programs specifically designed to support women in their professional journeys. In our interactions with clients, we emphasize the importance of diversity by showcasing diverse profiles and encouraging them to adopt inclusive recruitment practices.”


“As the leader of an SME, I am convinced that diversity brings undeniable added value to any organization, fostering a dynamic and enriching work environment for all.”


“Note also that DELAN is a majority women-owned company, certified by WBE Canada and WEConnect International, and is one of the rising stars of the Palmarès des entreprises québécoises au féminin 2022 and 2023 from Première en Affaires. As a member of Réseau des Femmes d’affaires du Québec (RFAQ) and the Women Presidents Organization (WPO), I personally strive to promote gender equality and female leadership within our industry.”



Business Growth


Your company DELAN has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. What have been the main challenges and successes in this growth journey?


“The success of DELAN is the result of the hard work of our entire team. We have managed to build a company where employees stay for a long time, and this contributes greatly to our prosperity.”


“Having a strong succession is also a great achievement, as it ensures the sustainability of our business. This accomplishment is perfectly illustrated in the hybrid takeover at DELAN. Jean-François Charpentier, a partner since 2016, and Stéphany Desmarais, a partner since 2020, form, with me, the trio at the head of the company.”


“While thousands of businesses are at risk of closing for lack of buyers, Anne-Marie Deslauriers says she is blessed not to have had to face this problem.” DELAN press release on CISION – June 14, 2022


“Our donation program, entitled ‘1 DON, 1 H  À LA FOIS’, has been another source of great pride since 2022. At DELAN, we have always been committed to giving back, and this program embodies that commitment in a meaningful way. We donate $1 of our revenue for every hour worked by our IT consultants to one of our four partner charities, namely Breakfast Club of Canada, Leucan, Centraide, and 60 Million Girls. This innovative program goes beyond a simple charitable gesture; it embodies our social responsibility and reinforces our core values.”


“The journey of DELAN’s success has not been without challenges. We had to navigate through external events such as the Y2K bug, the consequences of 9/11 that significantly impacted the information technology sector, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, our resilience, determination, and commitment to our values have been the keys to our success. We have adapted and thrived in the face of adversity, establishing our position as a significant figure in IT recruitment.”



Company Culture and Team Synergy


How would you describe the company culture at DELAN and its impact on recruitment?


“At DELAN, our company culture is based on strong values such as passion, perseverance, authenticity, and teamwork. These values are not just displayed on our walls; they permeate every aspect of the daily lives of each member of our team. This distinctive company culture has a significant impact on our recruitment process. It attracts talents who share our values, creating team synergy. In an industry where competition for the best talents is fierce, our company culture reinforces our identity and allows us to stand out. Additionally, it contributes to the retention of our employees, as they feel valued not only for their skills but also for what they bring to our unique culture.”



What initiatives need to be implemented to foster talent retention?


“To ensure talent retention, one must focus on a strong company culture, exceptional leadership, active listening to employees, and continuous professional development. These fundamental elements strengthen engagement and contribute to talent retention.”



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