Trends in IT Recruitment

High demand for candidates in the IT market

High demand for candidates in the IT market

High demand for candidates in the IT market

The popularity of jobs in various sectors of the IT industry is no longer in doubt. Here is a brief overview of this rapidly growing industry.


In 2014, the number of IT jobs increased by 1.2% to 545,800. According to Industry Canada, the sector represents 3.1% of national employment. Growth in the IT sector was two times greater than that of the overall economy.


IT worker profile 

The average age of IT workers is 41.


Most jobs in the IT field are located in Montreal or Quebec City, mainly in technological parks. However, it is possible to have an IT career in other regions of Quebec. Indeed, more and more jobs are becoming available outside major centres.


The IT workforce is highly educated. In 2014, more than half of IT workers had a university degree, while the national average was 27.6%.


There are many educational tracks and programs that lead to jobs in the IT field, including vocational training and college (CEGEP) or university degrees such as:


  • Information technology (college program)
  • Computer science (university program)
  • Information technology engineering (university program)
  • Computer engineering (university program)
  • Software engineering (university program)


Excellent work conditions

In terms of salary, workers in the IT sector earn more than $71,000 a yearon average. In 2014, their salary was 47% higher than the average for other workers in Canada.


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