About us

What a team!

What a team!


DELAN is a team affair. Close-knit, diversified, dynamic, our team has carved out an enviable place for itself in the IT headhunters market in Montreal. Everyone recognizes our expertise and our concern for quality at every level.


Our team started in the mind of one person : Anne-Marie Deslauriers. It was she who, already in 1997, founded the company with a leading partner, Louise Laniel. The two women, a rare thing in this male environment, started a small business in the basement of Louise’s house, between the armchairs, the TV and the storage spaces. At the time, no Internet. Without being able to send emails, Anne-Marie sent faxes and used messengers to send the CVs. Failing to benefit from user-friendly word-processing software, Anne-Marie took out her stick of Pritt glue and her liquid paper.


DELAN has grown bigger ever since. From the first company placement in May 1997, through the madness around the Y2K bug, the fall of .com following September 11, 2001 and a takeover in 2010, our company is still in continuous growth!


After Louise Laniel’s departure for a well-deserved retirement, our team gives way to additional talent. This new colleague is very talented, young, and full of energy. He also happens to be Anne-Marie’s son, Jean-François Charpentier. Since his early childhood, he has seen his mother head hunt with talent and ardor. One day, in his early twenties, he also started. He will do like his mother … but with his own personality! Let us be reassured; the mother-son relationship is excellent, based on mutual respect and an unwavering bond.


The addition of Jean-François will be decisive for the future. JF is an outstanding communicator. He is the lifeblood of our business. He is the one who is constantly looking for new opportunities. Ambitious, he believes in himself and in everything he does. It is thanks to him that DELAN will make his first hire outside the family circle. JF felt the need to add a new kind of experience to the team. He convinced his mother that the time had come to expand the DELAN family.


The newcomer, Stephany Desmarais, has brought us a breath of fresh air and a big business experience. A fine negotiator with contagious enthusiasm, she has a sixth sense that allows her to fully appreciate the opportunities and needs of clients. No one can resist her drive and her talent for persuasion is undeniable. Most recently, she has become a partner, alongside Anne-Marie and Jean-François. Which is no small accomplishment!


Vanessa Faubert Faille completes our quartet at the head of DELAN. A problem? 1-800-VANESSA, and she’ll take care of it! She brings a lot of structure to our team. Her passion for IT and her technical skills help us stay together and work in an optimal and perfectly organized manner. In every business, you need a VANESSA. At DELAN, we found ours!


It goes without saying that without our founder, Anne-Marie, DELAN would not be the specialized company and the “DREAM TEAM” that it has become today. It is thanks to her that we have established such a good reputation with candidates and employers.


With enthusiasm and tremendous energy, our Anne-Marie continues to hunt with as much enthusiasm as when she first started out. At the same time, between two hunts for the best candidate, she learns to delegate! Which is never easy for a business leader as attached to her baby as she is (but it’s for the best!). Anne-Marie can count on our amazing team, whom she intends to mentor for several years to come.


As of November 24, 2020, DELAN’s team is made up of 14 employees, including five account managers and five recruiters. We wouldn’t be where we are now without each and every one of them. They each bring their own touch, their energy, their ideas, and their opinions. Each have their own unique personality and strengths. Together, we form a team that is a real asset for our clients and candidates. DELAN, above all, is a tight knit team. We work together daily and even remotely, we take the time to chat and talk to each other regularly. Each member of the team is important and plays a vital role in the success of the business.


DELAN is really a matter of team … and of heart!