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DELAN / Expertise


At DELAN, the day starts early. Before 9 a.m., our recruiters are already starting their day. Between coffee and bagels, our team calls each other on video and sends each other messages to know the latest news and changes in order to prepare for the day.


A typical day at DELAN? We are hunting talent, of course! But above all, we take the time to fully understand our clients and meet each candidate.


At DELAN, we don’t shoot CVs blindly. Our team never just sends CVs to clients, without first meeting each candidate. We do not rely solely on resume keywords. We conduct full interviews, we will find out what motivates the candidates, what makes them tick, in addition to precisely identifying their technical skills. We even take the time to coach candidates for their interviews and make sure they fully understand the role. Likewise, it is essential for us to first meet each client in order to understand their real needs and their growth plans.


A particular candidate has an interview today at a company interested in his or her talent? You can be sure he or she is ready and the company is prepared to receive him or her.


What is DELAN? It’s a team of specialists who leave nothing to chance and take the time to get to know the candidates AND the clients from A to Z.


We ask candidates the right questions because we know the IT field. Above all, we know our customers and their needs. This particular company needs a system and network administrator? Perfect. But which system? What type of network? How many servers? Which technologies? What projects? Our specialists will ask all the questions. This in-depth approach makes all the difference in the world when it comes to recommending a candidate to a client.


At DELAN, we have only one goal in mind: to find the best candidate for the client. The right candidate for the right job! For our team, a satisfying day is when we have found a “good match”, a winning combination. We don’t let go until it’s done.


End of the day…


JF : « How did the interview with Loïc go? »

Steph : « The manager is super happy, Loïc is exactly the candidate for them »

JF : « WOW you were right. It seems you know this company by heart! »

Steph : « Thanks ? How about a happy hour to celebrate? »

JF : « If we celebrate every time we have a match, we will celebrate morning, noon and night! »

Steph : « LOL it’s because we’re the best! »

JF : « No doubt about it. DELAN is THE IT recruitment firm in Quebec. See you soon! »



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