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DELAN / Establish

DELAN / Establish


After Energy, Expertise, and Engage, here is the fourth “E” of DELAN : Establish.


Establish, because DELAN is a company built and designed in Montreal, for the Montreal market and all of Quebec. Our Information Technology (IT) recruitment company has been established in the metropolis for nearly 25 years. Our team of talent hunters know the IT market from A to Z. With our antenas well deployed across the entire IT contract and permanent market, we use all the drive we have to recruit the best IT talents in Montreal and throughout the province.


The Montreal IT landscape has changed a lot over the past quarter of a century. We have moved, and DELAN as well, from fax and handwritten letters to the Internet, of course, but also, increasingly, to artificial intelligence, automation, and digital transformation. DELAN has accompanied each of these developments, always with its feet firmly planted in Montreal and Quebec.


There are many advantages for our clients, to being a local business. We know the IT market, yes, but we also know the culture of local businesses. The IT culture in Montreal is very different from that of Toronto, for example. With us, the economic landscape is made up largely of SMEs.


They like to work with partners who are like them and are familiar with their issues. This is exactly what we are offering. Being ourselves a growing Quebec SME, we know what our clients need to continue their growth. We all know how hard it is to carve out a place for ourselves in the market. In short, we are on exactly on the same wavelength.


We are also like them in our approach which in typically from Quebec, it’s more focused on partnership, listening and mutual understanding. This is how our team of IT talent hunters work! It is at the heart of our corporate culture and it is at the heart of Quebec’s specificity.


One thing is certain, Montreal and IT is a love affair that has only just begun. The market is growing and there are many great jobs available. DELAN intends to continue its growth in Montreal and within Quebec as a whole. We are ready. Are you?


Stay tuned for our fifth E ⏳