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Why are your employees in technology changing jobs?

Why are your employees in technology changing jobs?


Have you ever wondered why your IT employees are considering changing jobs? The IT market has been constantly evolving in Quebec for several years, and many recruiters can solicit the same candidate during the same week. This situation naturally creates an environment where IT professionals remain attentive to the market.


Discover the 6 main reasons that push your IT employees to change jobs:


1. Their professional future

The possibility of career advancement remains one of the primary criteria that motivates your employees to consider a job change. Gone are the days when an employee stayed in the same position for 10 years out of fear of losing their job. Today’s employees aspire to grow and evolve professionally.


2. A healthy work climate

The workplace plays a crucial role in retaining your employees. Lack of leadership from their immediate superior or an uncomfortable work environment as well as an unsuitable corporate culture can push them to look for new opportunities.


3. Reducing their travel time

Geographic proximity is a determining factor for your employees seeking to balance work and family life. Even if they are happy with their current job, the opportunity to work closer to home can make them reconsider.


4. The flexibility of teleworking

Teleworking is becoming increasingly popular, especially since the pandemic, to allow for a better balance between work and personal life. Employees are more and more constantly connected through their mobile devices and want to organize their work schedule to meet their personal needs, rather than being committed to a standard 9-5 schedule.


5. Be up to date with technology 

New technologies often generate a lot of interest. Your IT employees have a strong desire to stay at the forefront of innovation. They are constantly keeping an eye on market trends and are often receptive to new opportunities if they offer a more enriching technical experience than their current position.


6. Their benefits, salaries, and perks 

All these factors are important, but well-being, the satisfaction of doing a job they love, and the quality of life are often more determining. Employees will not leave their jobs for a less attractive salary, especially in a booming technology market like the one we experience today. However, it is rare for them to change jobs just for benefits, salaries or perks.



In conclusion, it is essential to listen to your employees and understand their expectations and motivations. This is how your business will position itself as a winner in the competitive technology market.


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