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Why are your employees in technology changing jobs?

Why are your employees in technology changing jobs?

Your best employees are leaving, and you have trouble understanding why? There are many reasons that entice your employees to listen to the technology market. Since this market is currently in effervescence in Quebec, different recruiters can solicit the same candidate during the same day. We create a market that, by the force of things, feels compelled to listen. Discover the top 6 reasons that drive your IT employees to change jobs.

1. The professional future

Opportunity for advancement remains one of the main criteria for your employees to change jobs. Far be it for an employee to stay 10 years in the same position for fear of losing their jobs. The employees want to grow and evolve.


2. A healthy work climate

The workplace is a very important factor for your employees, the immediate supervisor’s lack of leadership, or the discomfort with the work environment or corporate culture are key factors in loosing employees.


3. The decrease in travel time

Proximity is a very interesting factor for your employees who try hard to balance work and family. If your employees are happy in their job but a recruiter offers them a position closer to home, I guarantee they will think about it twice.


4. The flexibility of working from home

Work form home policy is more and more coveted, again for the balance between work and family life. Your employees are now connected 24/7 with smart phones, all of them have laptops or PCs and have a desire to manage their workday to suit their personal obligations rather than be committed to a 9-5 schedule.


5. Be up to date on technologies

New technologies are often sought after. Your employees working in IT have strong desires to work with the latest technologies. They are always on the lookout for market trends and will often be listening if the new position offered is technically more rewarding than the position they currently hold.


6. Benefits, salaries and gratuities

All of these factors are to be considered, but the well-being, the satisfaction of doing a job they love, and the quality of life are much more important. It is certain that employees will not change position for a lower salary especially with the technology market in effervescence as we know it today. However, by personal experience, your employees will not change jobs solely based on benefits, salaries or gratuities.


Listen to your employees, offer a quality of life, a corporate culture, leadership and not just a job; your business will come out a WINNER!


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Anne-Marie Deslauriers, President