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Vanessa Faubert Faille – VP Operations

Vanessa Faubert Faille – VP Operations


Over the past few weeks, we’ve dedicated our blog articles to introduce you to the DELAN management team. And to complete the quartet at the head of DELAN, we present to you through this blog article, our new VP Operations, Vanessa Faubert Faille.


Who is Vanessa Faubert Faille?


In 2016, after completing her bachelor’s degree in Career Development, Vanessa joined the DELAN team as an IT recruiter. And since then, she has only grown!


Creative and ambitious, Vanessa has carved out a special place for herself within DELAN and created her own position thanks to her initiative. In 2019, Vanessa became Director of Operations at DELAN.


With her broad vision as well as her keen sense of observation, Vanessa never misses an opportunity to present new ideas and contribute to the growth of DELAN. A true pillar for the team, she has various skills in several areas of the company. However, her versatility does not prevent her from demonstrating expertise in everything she undertakes. This allowed her to quickly climb the corporate ladder to become DELAN’s VP Operations in 2022.


Vanessa brings a lot of structure to the DELAN team. Her passion for IT and her technical skills help us stay together and work in an optimal and perfectly organized manner. We all know we can count on her.


In every business, you need a VANESSA. At DELAN, we found ours!


To get to know Vanessa better, we asked her a few questions 😉


What do you enjoy most about working at DELAN?

“Definitely the diversity of the projects I work on! I love the fact of being versatile and touching DELAN’s Marketing as much as Human Resources, Operations, and the IT side of our business. I am very grateful and happy with the autonomy, confidence and flexibility that the shareholders of DELAN offer me. Propelling a Quebec SME, making it grow properly, bringing ideas and strategies, creating and optimizing processes, are definitely things that make me STRIVE! Also, I can’t answer this question without mentioning our wonderful team; the diversity of personalities and skills of each employee as well as the synergy of the team make DELAN a MORE than pleasant environment to work in. I am very happy to see us all blossom together so much professionally!”


Outside of work, what are your favorite hobbies?

“Enjoy the present moment with those around me, have vino dinners with friends and mimosa brunches with family, cook with my partner, read books on personal development, play games (you want to know my favorites haha? here: Chess, Code Names, Catan, Poker, Blokus Trigon, Quarto, Scrabble), stretching, going to the spa, doing sudokus and puzzles, and without forgetting my passion for computers (deepening my technical knowledge , testing applications, monitoring new features, etc.)”


What is the event or project you are most proud of?

“Definitely the organization of the 25th anniversary of DELAN! Everything related to Marketing (from the new logo, promotional items, new corporate photos, the redesign of the content of our website, the press release, partnerships, etc.) to the big internal event at the Terrace of the Hôtel William Gray, worthy of a prestigious wedding (invitations for a hundred people, planning the course of the evening, menu, photographer, backdrop, welcome gifts, decorations, etc.). It was WOW and I am very proud of the high quality of the evening as well as the excellent feedback we received. Great memories with DELAN employees, partners, friends and families!”



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