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EMPLOYERS – What are you doing to counter the talent shortage?

EMPLOYERS – What are you doing to counter the talent shortage?

Today, with the challenges of the shortage of manpower in several fields, including of course in the IT sector, it becomes almost indispensable to collaborate with a headhunting firm specialized in the field that the we want. Today this also applies for the less qualified positions!

On the other hand, it would be imprudent for employers to disempower themselves for recruitment and retention practices! To counter the talent shortage, employers must change their vision of recruitment.


Here are 5 crucial points to consider :

1. Define your values ​​and make them live

You must take the time to define yourself in terms of values, and especially to highlight them (not just in writing!). This is a great way to recruit talent who is also looking to put its efforts in the right place!

2. Prioritize the skills you are looking for

It is very difficult to find the “five-legged sheep”. The current situation must force you to revisit the skills you do not want to ignore. For the rest, you must adapt to the market and be creative.

3. Open yourself to different personality types

Very often, you look for employees who look like you, by reflex to ensure a good “fit”. The scarcity of labor sometimes pushes you to hire different profiles. People with different experiences and profiles can certainly be beneficial in questioning old ways of doing business and bring innovative ideas.

4. Believe in the potential of each of your employees

Less governance and more self-organized teams is a definite yes! Philosophies such as agility have demonstrated the benefits in the long term.

5. Mobilize your employees even more

Beyond the fact that you owe it to yourself to invest in your corporate culture, you have everything to gain by investing in the advancement, the enrichment of tasks and the development of your employees. The ideal scenario is to mobilize your employees to give them the chance to realize themselves and improve their skills.

Ultimately, could this shortage be an aggressive way of simply addressing your priorities? Although talent hunters are unquestionable allies in the face of this crisis, their role is to attract talent to the door of the employer. It is then up to the employer to invite them in by offering a rewarding experience!

As we know, poor talent management practices always give the same result: a high turnover rate, especially in the context of scarcity. A second lesson to draw from this shortage: Choose a trustworthy firm that will be your ally and that will above all honestly advise you in the face of the market.

“You don’t build a business. You build people, and people build the business.” -Zig Ziglar

Audrey Delin
Account Manager – IT Recruitment