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This blog is the third in a series of five on DELAN’s 5E. We have already explored the first two, Energy and Expertise, now here is the third : Engaged!


In addition to our team and our expertise, what sets us apart from our competitors? What makes IT job seekers and employers looking for permanent or contract candidates so satisfied with our services? Answer : We are engaged. We never let go!


We have identified the perfect candidate for a client? Our IT Recruiters will definitely approach him, if he is not with one of our active clients of course! A first contact is made with the candidate to feel the pulse. Unless there is a final and complete refusal, we keep him in mind. Sometimes it takes one, two, three, four trials to find the perfect fit and get him to make the move. It can even take months to get there. But when it’s done, when you have a perfect match and you close a deal, the happiness you feel is indescribable. We are passionate about our profession and it shows!


You have to see the eyes of our talent hunters shine when a candidate says, “Thanks Laura! You changed my life”. We’re not even exaggerating! For many candidates, unsure of their current position, a new job can make all the difference. After so many years in the IT recruiting field, Anne-Marie Deslauriers, our president, still has chills when she receives thanks from a candidate. The same thing happens when a human resources client or an IT manager, who has been looking for that rare gem for a long time, finally finds it, thanks to our work. These times when the magic happens are very rewarding.


Because each person is different, our approaches are individualized. Our stubbornness in finding a good match is also displayed in the way we talk to each of our candidates. We highly value the human aspect in our contacts. There is no difficulty that our team cannot overcome. At DELAN, we never give up. Sometimes all it takes is a change of tone in our message or simply recruit to get a “yes, I would like more details”. Our team also knows how to adopt the right vocabulary associated with IT. Our hunters keep up to date, so that they can be sure to follow the trend, which is moving at a phenomenal rate in the IT recruiting industry.


One thing is certain, in this job of headhunters, you have to take in all the small victories. Closing a deal is great, but before that, there are a multitude of small steps to be taken. We lead all these milestones, with our drive. One at a time, until the finish line. To serve you well, to meet your needs.


DELAN, your ally and your partner since 1997 (and for a long time to come!) ??



[Please note that the masculine gender was used in this text without any prejudice]