The success of the MTL CONNECT event

The success of the MTL CONNECT event



All of DELAN’s expertise was put to good use during the MTL CONNECT 2020 event, which took place from October 13th to 18th, in 100% virtual mode thanks to the SWAPCARD application. This week was devoted to everything that moves and innovates in DIGITAL matters. It brought together more than 12,000 participants, entrepreneurs, developers, managers, and digital specialists from more than 50 countries. The 6 days were filled with enriched content based the following 9 thematics :


➡️ Cybersecurity and digital identity

➡️ AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (internet of things) and 4.0

➡️ The city of the future

➡️ The work of tomorrow

➡️ Sustainable development

➡️ Creativity / ISEA 2020

➡️ FINTECH (finances)

➡️ MEDTECH (health)

➡️ EDTECH (education)


On this occasion, DELAN held a virtual kiosk and our president, Anne-Marie Deslauriers, presented a workshop on ” Is it a puzzle to recruit in IT during the pandemic? “. With the participants, Anne-Marie discussed key subjects, which concerned many managers and professionals in the field:


?? What are the best strategies to optimize the recruitment of a new employee in your IT team, during the pandemic?

?? What are the key elements that will entice candidates to change jobs?

?? How to successfully integrate new employees, remotely?

?? What can you do to keep your good employees?


The workshop brought together several participants and the discussions were fruitful. Technology now allows so much. Even though we may sometimes miss human contact, today’s technological tools increasingly facilitate a certain proximity. The onboarding of new employees – even in times of pandemic and remotely – is possible and can be done very easily. DELAN recently welcomed 2 new employees.


EXCHANGE: it’s vital!

The organizers of MTL CONNECT have done everything to promote networking and information sharing. That’s to their credit! Thus, participants were able to establish contacts, exchange best practices, learn about the latest trends and network during express meetings.


In addition to Anne-Marie, several people from the DELAN team participated in the event: Vanessa Faubert Faille, Jean-François Charpentier, Karine Andenas, Audrey Delin and Francis Pallascio. What do we all take away from our experience?


✅ That it is useful to take the time to exchange;

✅ That it is good to attend events, trainings, conferences, which we once took for granted, before the pandemic;

✅ That a happy, engaged and passionate employee will always be the best ambassador for a company looking to recruit talent;

✅ Let’s face it: Enthusiasm remains contagious, whether it manifests in person or behind a screen.




DELAN would like to thank the delegation of the Réseau des Femmes d’Affaires du Québec, more specifically Émilie Vion, thanks to whom we were able to participate and attend this event. We would also like to thank the organizers Printemps Numérique, in particular Marine Villedieu and Julie Villain, who greatly contributed to the success of this event.



To 2021!