DELAN celebrates its 25th anniversary

DELAN celebrates its 25th anniversary


DELAN is proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year.

This anniversary provides an opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to the success of DELAN!

We take this special occasion to congratulate our employees for their dedication and involvement. We wouldn’t be where we are now without each and every one of them. We would also like to thank our clients, our partners and all the candidates who have placed their trust in us. We look forward to continuing the adventure by your side.


From its creation until today, DELAN has continued to grow. We invite you to discover a little more about us through a retrospective of the past 25 years:

1997: On April 22, 1997, DELAN was created by Anne-Marie Deslauriers and Louise Laniel and named « Technologie DELAN »

1998: The company moves in its first offices in Ville St-Laurent

2000: The company expands its offices in Ville St-Laurent

2003: Technologie DELAN moves to downtown Montreal and shares offices with Cyberna

2006: Louise Laniel retires and Technologie DELAN becomes a division of Cyberna and Associates

2010: Anne-Marie buys the entire Technologie DELAN company from Cyberna and Associates

2012: Jean-Francois Charpentier joins the Technologie DELAN team

2016: An eventful year:

Name change: Technologie DELAN becomes DELAN – New logo, New Branding

Jean-François Charpentier officially becomes a partner

Hiring our first recruiter Stéphany Desmarais

2020: Stéphany Desmarais becomes Partner at DELAN

2021: DELAN obtains certifications from WBE Canada and WEConnect International

DELAN launches its contractual division

2022: DELAN is part of the 2022 Women’s Business Awards of the magazine Première en affaires in the category of rising stars

Today: With a team of 21 employees, DELAN continues to grow and strengthen its position as THE IT recruitment firm in Quebec.


Also discover through this video, the word of our Founder Anne-Marie Deslauriers on this occasion:


Once again thank you to all of you for being part of this great adventure, we hope to continue to evolve alongside you, to develop and expand the team while maintaining our human dimension.


Stay tuned! More great news will follow in mid-June 2022…?


DELAN, your ally and your partner since 1997 (and for a long time to come!) ??