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You don’t get along with your boss?

You don’t get along with your boss?

Yes, it can be! You can not get along with everyone. Everyone has his perception, his way of acting, and his personality. However, it’s essential to respect each other, but also to maintain a good relationship with your boss for your own happiness and for the sake of your career. He or she can promote you or fire you at any time!



Here are 5 tips for turning it around with your boss :


1. Don’t complain to your colleagues about it

Speaking to your colleagues about it will make things worse, it will portrait you as a gossiper around the coffee machine and you don’t want that!


2. Study the management style of your boss and adjust yours

If your boss has an open-door policy, and you never ask questions or go see him/her, try to find common ground. If it’s a closed-door policy, and you always need to speak with him/her, or seem to disturb him/her, it is not ideal either. Try to find solutions by yourself or through colleagues. Pay attention to your boss’ management style.


3. Find something you have in common

Maybe you have extra curricular activities that are the same; you like cooking and your boss is a foodie? You ride a bike and your boss does a triathlon? Try to find something you have in common and talk to him/her about it. Ask questions to people close to him/her. Get to know your boss better.


4. Do your job

Work well done is always a good thing. A manager that sees good work no complaints, respect and willingness to learn and autonomy will eventually come around.


5. Set the table straight

Communication is often the key to success in any relationship. Openness can easily avoid tension between 2 people.



Just don’t force it – some relationships take time. Should you really not get along and need a change, Delan will be happy to help you find your next IT position. Visit


Anne-Marie Deslauriers

President at Delan