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Stéphany Desmarais – Partner and VP IT Recruitment of DELAN

Stéphany Desmarais  – Partner and VP IT Recruitment of DELAN


Over the past few years, DELAN has continued to grow and develop, both externally and internally. Several promotions within our team have been announced this year. Amongst them, the appointment of Stéphany Desmarais to the position of Partner and VP IT Recruitment at DELAN.


On this occasion, we dedicate this blog article to her, to highlight her promotion and to learn more about her.


Who is Stephany Desmarais?


Stéphany is the team’s sharp negotiator with contagious enthusiasm. With her sixth sense, she knows how to navigate in gray areas and clearly senses the opportunities as well as the needs of employer clients but also candidates. With her golden energy, Stéphany also knows how to motivate her team through the ups and downs that agency recruitment can bring.


Graduated from Laval University in industrial relations, Stéphany made her first marks in the world of recruitment with big companies. These experiences have allowed her to act in several spheres of recruitment. Adventurer, Stéphany decided, in 2016, to make the leap from the big firm to the family-owned SME, DELAN, specialized in IT and high technologies recruitment.


Since her arrival in the DELAN team, Stéphany has been able to bring a breath of fresh air and a real experience of big business. No one can resist her “drive” and her persuasive skills are undeniable. After more than seven years of experience in the field, Stéphany becomes a partner, in 2020, in the same capacity as Anne-Marie Deslauriers and Jean-François Charpentier. Which is no small accomplishment! In 2022, she becomes Partner and VP IT Recruitment.


As a young businesswoman, Stéphany participates in the activities of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal (JCCM), the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Women of Quebec (JCCFQ), the Quebec Technology Association (AQT) and of the Réseau Action TI. She is also part of the Francophone network of entrepreneurs, EntreChefs PME. Having at heart the influence of businesswomen in Quebec, she contributes to maintain the WEConnect International and WBE Canada DELAN certifications.


We asked Stephany a few questions 😉


What is the key to professional success for you?

“I think passion is definitely the key. If you love what you do, you won’t feel like you’re working and success will come by itself.”


What is your greatest strength? How do you think you got to where you are now?

“My greatest strength is definitely my perseverance, I never give up, as they say. You can’t give up, there will certainly be bumps on the road, but you have to go for it and keep going.”


What are the values ​​that you make sure to implement in your professional life?

“Respect and transparency are very important values ​​in my personal life and they are certainly values ​​that I want to have in my professional life.”


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