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How to manage multiples job offers?

How to manage multiples job offers?


It’s raining job offers! You’ve went through a multitude of hiring processes with success and now you find yourself with several jobs offers. We often address the job hunt as an opportunity hunt, but what to do when you have a couple new opportunities on the table? On the contrary to the counter offers [1] from your present employers, having multiple offers give you a large array of choice that can be disconcerting. It will be important to make an informed decision considering the following information.



Before you start your job search or after considering the approach of a headhunter, it’s important to analyze your current professional needs. Is it work-life balance and flexibility, the diversity of projects, the opportunity to climb the ladder, the attractiveness of a higher salary or working on a specific stack of technologies that will make you happy? Once you’ve established the criterias, it would be interesting to organize them from the more to less important to you according to your priorities. When you’ll get the different and multiples job offers you can now class them and identify which ones would satisfy your needs.


Trust yourself

It is always important to trust yourself, even more when you are looking for a new job. As your researches progresses, many recruiters or employers will try to convince you that their projects, company or job is ideal for you. That’s when your analysis will be the most important, so you do not let yourself be swayed into a position that suits you less, but really to choose a position corresponding to your current desires and aspirations.


The transparency

As discussed in a previous blog post [2], transparency and communication are always essential with your recruiter. Keep your recruiter aware of your search criterias and what you consider essential. In this way, he can advise you and answer the questions you have about the job in all honesty and with your priorities in mind. If you are waiting for another offer and want to save time, ask your recruiter frankly. In this sense, try to give an answer within 24 to 48 hours of the written job offer.



Once you have gathered all the information you need in hand, you can make a choice that is as close as possible to your original criteria. Do not forget to take into count your priorities and do not be seduced exclusively by salary attractions. Above all, remember that you work hand in hand with your recruiter and he only wants your success and your job satisfaction as a teammate.



Good luck and good job hunt.


Julien Desrosiers, CRHA