Trends in IT Recruitment

IT jobs – Popular professions in 2021

IT jobs – Popular professions in 2021


As the trends have shown for several years now, computer jobs in Information Technology (IT) represent the professions of the future. In fact, the demand for qualified candidates in this field is increasing considerably. The year 2021 will be no exception to the rule as there will be many positions to fill in various companies.


With the COVID-19 pandemic, some companies have reinvented themselves by further integrating the web and information technology into their business processes. As resources are not always present internally, this trend has created many additional jobs in this area.


Recruitment for IT jobs will therefore be very important in 2021. These positions will stay in the forefront for many years to come.


If you are looking for IT jobs, here is a list of IT positions that will be popular in 2021 :




Developers are in great demand. Popular technologies mainly affect the web and the cloud. Trendy programming languages ​​are .NET, JAVA, React, and Python. We are also seeing more and more the emergence of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) concerning automation and robotization, especially in the industrial and manufacturing sector.

Education : Bachelor’s degree in software engineering or Diploma of college studies in IT

Average annual salary : 60-120k, depending on seniority and expertise




In many areas, automation is emerging and growing gradually. In 2021, several positions will be available for DevOps engineers. To stand out in this profession, you can deepen your knowledge in application infrastructure, in the Cloud environment (AWS – Amazon Web Services, Azure, etc.), but also with the Python programming language and DevOps tools (Docker, Terraform, Ansible, etc.).

Education : Bachelor’s degree in IT, or equivalent

Average annual salary : 80-120k, depending on seniority




Data engineers are already in high demand and will be more so in the coming months. Specializations in deep learning and machine learning are highly sought after. The assets for these types of positions are knowledge of Kafka, Python, Bash, Snowflake, to name a few. Experience in high availability architecture, cloud environment (AWS, Azure, etc.), and artificial intelligence seem to be essential. Be careful not to confuse Data Engineer and Data Scientist, which will also be a popular profession in 2021. The Data Engineer has more of a role relating to the infrastructure, architecture, and optimization of the data warehouse, while the Data Scientist has a more analytical role (statistics, models, trends, algorithms).

Education : Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer data intelligence

Average annual salary : 80-120k, depending on seniority




Project managers are in great demand. Those who are specialized in the field of information technology are even more so, whether it is in terms of IT infrastructure or application development. In 2021, this type of position will require candidates to have certain knowledge in the implementation of ERP systems, application modernization, web migration, digital transformation, 5G network, digitization, among others. In addition, the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification can be a strong asset.

Education : Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in IT, specialization in project management

Average annual salary : 80-120k, depending on seniority and expertise




As part of their work, Cloud specialists will be called upon to work with different technologies, such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Certifications with these are highly sought after. The required requirements will be experience in infrastructure migration, systems monitoring and performance optimization.

Education : Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in IT, with certifications

Average annual salary : 100-120k, depending on seniority




For many companies, digital transformation and cybersecurity are important issues. The IT Solutions Director will support and advise the company on best practices on this subject, then coordinate his team for IT projects. Many will focus on process optimization, operational performance, the transition to cloud computing and IT security.

Education : Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in IT and management

Average annual salary : 105-150k, depending on seniority and size




With COVID-19, many companies have had no choice but to ask their employees to work from home. Teleworking therefore increases the need for computer technicians since people working at home may encounter technical problems, but also since the technician must ensure the management of the inventory of computer equipment. The technician will make sure that he has the necessary computer equipment delivered to the teleworking employees and will offer technical support mainly remotely to resolve any computer problems encountered. The main skills required are strong communication skills, excellent customer service and a good knowledge of Microsoft 365, formerly known as the Office Suite.

Education : College diploma or Professional studies diploma in IT support

Average annual salary : 45-60k, depending on seniority



IT jobs : jobs of the future

Computer jobs are in great demand and will be so for the next few years to come. This is a promising area where several positions will need be to be filled. The jobs mentioned in the list above are just a few of the most in-demand jobs for the coming year. With technologies being a constantly emerging world, candidates must stay abreast of the latest trends and keep themselves up to date.



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