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The importance of communication and transparency – Recruitment 4.0

The importance of communication and transparency – Recruitment 4.0


It is undeniable that in our modern era, there is no shortage of communication means! From text messages to emails, phone calls to video conferences (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, etc.), and social media platforms such as LinkedIn, X, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, along with applications like WhatsApp or Messenger, communication has become omnipresent.


However, what is the importance of communication in the recruitment field? Does the communication promote a better candidate/client experience? Is it essential for all parties to communicate their expectations realistically?


This article explores various perspectives related to communication throughout the recruitment process in the 3.0 era.



The Candidate’s Perspective


Whether you are an actively searching candidate or just keeping an ear to the market, communication, and transparency with an internal or external recruiter, or a hiring manager, maximize your chances of landing your IT dream job!


Here are some practical tips:

  • Follow up regularly, ideally weekly, or as soon as one of your other processes progresses. This could allow you to accumulate a few offers simultaneously, a dream for any candidate.
  • Informing your recruiter that you are moving on to the next stage elsewhere may prompt the client to expedite the recruitment process.
  • If your recruiter appears irritated by your decision to initiate a second (or third!) process, it might be time to reconsider your collaboration, as it is entirely normal on your part if you are actively searching!
  • Keep your recruiter informed about your motivations, especially if they change. You might decide to withdraw your application after an interview with client X, whether due to disinterest or a more attractive offer elsewhere. It is crucial to promptly inform your recruiter. This allows them to conclude the process by notifying the concerned client to avoid any waste of time. Additionally, it leaves a positive impression for potential future opportunities.


Finally, remember to communicate your expectations (salaries, professional aspirations, bonuses, etc.) transparently with your talent hunter. This enables them to find you a perfect “match”!



The Company’s Perspective


It is true that organizational reality (vacations, sick leave, organizational changes, etc.) can greatly affect the recruitment cycle, but every company should consider the candidate experience when opening a position to fill.


Close follow-up with your specialized headhunting firm promotes a transparent and effective partnership, as well as an optimal candidate experience. This also allows for efficient targeting of efforts, especially in the case of having multiple IT positions to fill or a few strong candidates in the interview process. The goal is always to fill your IT position as quickly as possible with the best technical candidate, whether they are found directly by you or through your recruitment firm. Also, rediscover here how to reduce your recruitment delays in 2024.


The candidate experience is crucial in the IT market, especially with the virality of sites like Glassdoor and Indeed that allow thousands of employees to share their opinions about companies. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the candidate at every stage of the recruitment process.


Finally, giving a candidate a reason for refusal is the least you can do, especially if the process was initiated with the candidate. In the long term, even if the “fit” did not seem ideal to you for the current position, your future needs are difficult to predict. Who knows, it could be that a former candidate turns out to be ideal for your next position, or that they refer you to a rare gem!



In summary, communication and transparency are essential in recruitment 4.0.


Whether you are a candidate searching for the perfect IT position or a company looking for the best talent in information technology, clear and transparent communication fosters a positive experience, a proactive approach, and enables the cultivation of lasting relationships.


Contact DELAN today to discover how our team can help you find the talent you need or the job of your dreams in the field of information technology. Looking forward to meeting you!

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