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Employers, how to reduce your time to hire?

Employers, how to reduce your time to hire?


Let’s imagine a company struggling to fill a crucial cybersecurity position. For months, breaches and cyberattacks have multiplied, putting sensitive company data at risk. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many companies in Quebec. Let’s explore together how to avoid this nightmare by reducing your time to hire.


In an ever-evolving Information Technology (IT) market, recruiting IT talents has become a major challenge for many companies. The competition for qualified IT resources is fierce, often leading to longer recruitment timelines. Reducing time to hire is essential to remain competitive.


Extended recruitment delays can be costly for companies for several reasons. Firstly, they result in a loss of productivity when key positions remain unfilled for extended periods. This can affect your team’s ability to efficiently complete tasks, delay projects, and miss deadlines.


Moreover, in the IT sector, competition for top talents is intense, and each day of delay means your competitor might snatch the rare gem you need to achieve your business goals. Highly qualified candidates often have multiple offers on the table and are not inclined to wait for your response. Finally, talented candidates may lose interest in a lengthy recruitment process and turn to other opportunities.


“Today, employers no longer have the luxury of overanalyzing a candidate,” an article on, with Anne-Marie Deslauriers, Founder of DELAN.



Here are some tips to reduce your time to hire and find the ideal IT candidate quickly and efficiently:



1. Focus on precision


Clearly identify the skills, qualifications and values sought in a candidate. The more precise your target, the quicker you will find the rare gem. You can create an ideal candidate profile that includes the essential elements of your position and use it as a guide throughout the recruitment process.

It is also interesting to determine in advance which elements are truly mandatory and which are strong assets. Make sure that only the most qualified candidates move on to the next phase, so you don’t waste time on profiles that don’t match the position to be filled.



2. Optimize your selection process


Simplify and speed up your selection steps. Ideally, companies looking to hire new talent should avoid doing multiple rounds of interviews and testing. Speed in your decision making is crucial.

“Before, you could have two, three, four interviews, for example: one with HR, one with the vice-president, one with the director then a psychometric test… We want to compare the candidates. But now, they can’t anymore! If a recruiter does that, he will lose a candidate he wanted” article on, with Anne-Marie Deslauriers, Founder of DELAN



3. The importance of communication


Communication between your company and potential candidates is extremely important. Make sure you respond to candidates’ questions promptly. This builds engagement and accelerates decision-making. Transparent and effective communication shortens delays and provides a positive candidate experience, while maintaining a smooth and responsive recruitment process.

When you meet a candidate for an interview, be sure to follow up quickly after your meeting, ideally within 1 to 3 business days, if you want to be sure you don’t lose them.



4. Outsource your recruitment process


An effective option is to call on a specialized IT headhunting firm, such as DELAN – IT Talent Hunters. They can leverage a vast talent network and invaluable expertise to quickly find quality candidates. They know your market very well when they specialize in your industry. This partnership can not only reduce your time to hire, but it also allows you to focus on your core business. Diversify your candidate options and save time!



5. Retain candidate loyalty


Create a positive experience for candidates, even if they are not selected. This may encourage them to apply again if an opportunity arises. Treating candidates respectfully is essential to maintaining a good reputation, which in turn can attract more talent and increase word of mouth about your company.



Reducing recruitment times is imperative to remaining competitive in the IT market. Companies that choose to partner with an IT headhunting firm benefit from their expertise to quickly and efficiently find the talent they need.


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