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The art of answering to a “Talent Hunter’s” call

The art of answering to a “Talent Hunter’s” call


Whether you are in the world of information technology (IT), video game industry, finance, accounting, engineering, digital marketing or any other field, you will certainly, at some point in your career, have to interact with recruiters. Without going into details about the distinctions between such and such types of recruiters, some of them will be considered so-called “headhunters”. It goes without saying that developing an exclusive relationship with a headhunter can be one of the most beneficial connection of your career. In this case, you should know how to properly interact when approached by one of them.  Let’s put it this way; knowing the appropriate “etiquette”, especially at the beginning of this relationship, can definitely bring you much more than you would ever consider! For the purpose of this article, at DELAN, we prefer the term “Talent Hunters”.


How to interact when contacted?

First and foremost, be flattered! No Talent Hunter worthy of the name will contact potential candidates, much less by phone, who do not have a “near perfect” or “A1” profile as we often say in the field. If a Talent Hunter contacts you by phone during working hours, either on your cell or at the office, there is a high probability that your entire work experience makes you a great potential candidate for a position that may be beneficial for your career in either the short / medium or long term. Being proactive about it gives you the chance to propel your career to the TOP employers in the country (+250)!


The first email/call is usually a polite request for more information about your current situation, your professional ambitions and limitations (e.g. traveling, family status, etc.) and of course to provide you with some additional details about the job opening at our client’s. In case you would not currently be looking for any new challenges, note that we will be happy to use a rain check! We absolutely understand that the timing might not be ideal, for example because of the arrival of a newborn baby, a work overload or simply that you are completely happy with your current situation. Note that it costs nothing to be polite.


Remember you are not obligated to disclose such information to anyone if it does not suit you. On the other hand, by sharing some information, it can foster an insightful understanding of your current situation and help us find the best role for ” the future you”! In other words, help us help you..!


Although sometimes a Talent Hunter’s job can be associated with that of magicians, contact information obtained have in most cases been given by either social networks (LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Jobillico etc.), by former colleagues / friends or by your application on one of our old job posts, which ensures that your complete profile is registered in our database (which has over 30K potential candidates).


Understand that your personal information, as well as the highlights of our telephone conversation, are considered strictly confidential and sharing such information is prohibited by the Code of Ethics of the CHRP. This is also what distinguishes DELAN from its competitors, with a team consisting of members of the Order of the CHRP or in the process of being accredited.


Please note that it is not uncommon for us to be approached by other firms and larger companies.  We therefore know for a fact that for some, a job change can be extensively stressful. Keep in mind that often, by having a presence in the Montreal and Canadian market for the last two decades, a recruitment firm like DEALN can grasp your current professional situation through benchmarking and other studies / market analysis. If you are not available, due to lack of time or because your colleagues (or manager) are nearby, don’t hesitate to ask us to contact you outside of office hours.


The job of a Talent Hunter is without a doubt 24/7 and it is not unusual for us to make calls well outside of office hours and even before sunrise and/ or late evening.


In short, even though you are not currently looking for a new opportunity, communicating references of a former colleagues and / or friends, can greatly help stimulate the beginning ofa brand new relationship to work hand-in-hand with your new Talent Hunter, as well as helping a friend or colleague find his/her next step position. Who knows … maybe one day we will be able to find you your dream job!


Kamil Eladas