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5 reasons why you should use a specialized recruitment firm

5 reasons why you should use a specialized recruitment firm

A partnership with a specialized recruitment firm has been proven to be one of the most beneficial business relationships. Whether you are a Start-Up, a Small Medium Enterprise or a Fortune 500 company, your talent acquisition strategy must be based on an excellent candidate experience to be effective. In other words it needs to be fast and efficient with a hiring process that meets the high level expectations of both the candidate and the management.


By building a business relationship with a specialized recruitment firm like DELAN, with some of the best “talent hunters” in the business, it will be possible to distinguish yourself from your competitors for multiple reasons!


1- The best candidates in the IT market are usually already dealing with a recruiter or a certain firm. The reason is quite simple, such as an artist agent, the recruiter will be able to represent both parties, the candidate and the client, in order to encourage a dialogue as well as manage the expectations of each to ensure a “perfect match and guarantee a smooth transition which will favor a successful integration of the candidate into his new role.


2- We will save you time and time is money. By often having an ongoing relationship with some passive candidates, with successful approach techniques to source passive candidates (Inmails, cold calls etc.) as well as a huge bank of candidates, “talent hunters” ensure that they have a bank of potentially market-driven candidates who, under favorable circumstances, would be willing to consider new challenges. In the competitive market in which we operate, no matter your field of business, getting your hands on quality candidates in the shortest possible time can be essential to stand out from your competitors. In addition, by presenting the best potential candidates, you will be able to allocate fewer resources and time to sort through the dozens or even hundreds of applications that do not fit your recruitment needs.


3- We will use all possible tools to find the ideal candidate. Being at the cutting edge of technology with platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed, Monster, GitHub, StackOverFlow etc., we also use all the tools and proven sourcing techniques to find the perfect candidate you just cannot live without. Since we understand technology so well, we align your needs with the candidate’s competencies therefore assuring a perfect fit.


4- By choosing a recruitment firm tailored to your needs, you will be certain to develop a talent acquisition process with the highest ROI. In this day and age, recruitment is no longer what it used to be. Understanding your business needs will ensure that as business partners we can also direct you in your research, perform benchmarking for you to be able to align your total compensation with the market to have healthier external equity. Moreover, an external firm can avoid conflicts of interest by contacting the best candidates, which might be at your direct competitors, and thus maximize your investment.


 5- Depending on the size of your business, your recruitment needs may vary widely at different times of the year. In our time, hiring an internal recruiter being able to support your talent acquisition needs might not be the best solution to maximise your ROI especially if you are not certain to have recruiting needs throughout the year.


Kamil Eladas, CRHA/ CHRP